Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black scarves

Lately I have had orders to knit scarves in black; one cabled and the other lace. The cabled one was a nice and quick knit although I did have a hard time finding a nice yarn I wanted to work with. It is now enjoying its new home in New York City.

For the lace scarf I knew exactly what yarn I wanted to use from La Bobineuse and it turned out gorgeous. It is a nice simple lace pattern but knitting in the black and with the 3-ply yarn was a bit of a challenge. This one is enjoying its new home in the vicinity of Québec City.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Business cards

I ordered business cards from Vista Print over the weekend and my order has already arrived. I did pay for the 7-day delivery since I wanted them as fast as possible to give out in my orders and people at work had been asking for some. The business now seems a bit more serious with cards to hand out to people. I will post a pic of them later during the week.

On November 22 will be the Big Veggie Gathering at the HEC Montreal at the l'Oréal room. It is a vegan potluck and some different associations will be represented as well. Viva Granola, my favorite online vegan store, will be there. It should be an interesting afternoon.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mom's macaroni and cheese

Last week I received my order of cheeses from Viva Granola and mostly made poutines over the weekend. They were okay but none had the squishy taste of cheese curds. This weekend I decided to make my mother's macaroni and cheese with the cheddar Daiya. It tastes great although a bit sweet, something I find with most vegan chesses. They all have a sweet taste to them that regular cheese doesn't have or so I remember. It's a pretty simple recipe of macaroni, a can of diced tomatoes with herbs, chopped onion and the cheese. Cook for 15-20 minutes than broil until top is browned a bit.
I have finished knitting the shell pattern with ruffles scarf in off-white. It is just gorgeous, looks so chic. I have another busy week of custom orders to knit so new creations in my Etsy shop will be few this week.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Car cozy

The boyfriend has been asking me the last couple of weeks to knit him something for the arm rest in between the front seats and I finally did Friday night. At first I wanted to knit the Yankees' logo but I couldn't come up with something I really liked. Since I love knitting cables I went for a celtic knot I found in one of my cable books. I finished it Saturday and he has been raving about it ever since!