Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Working Out of Home

I still don't have access to my apartment since the ceiling is taking longer than expected to be repaired.  They found that pigeons were able to nest in the roof and when they opened the ceiling eveything fell in my living room.  I can just imagine them trying to get the pigeons onto the front balcony; it must have been hilarious.

The boyfriend leaves early for work so I thought I would do some updating to my Etsy shop from the McDonald's near work.  He has no Internet, so grabbing a cup of coffee and using their wifi seemed like a good idea. It's been two mornings in a row and I must tell you I prefer working from home.

First, I get to choose the choice of music or even that I don't want to listen to music.  Which is one thing I have noticed, I don't knit much with music in the background.  I much prefer watching episodes of M*A*S*H or watching a game of baseball or hockey than listening to music.

Second, at home I don't have to listen to people's one-sided conversations on their cell phones. This is one BIG pet peeve of mine and it's worse when trying to work.

I know lots of people love to work in coffee shops and such but give me my apartment any day.  Hopefully I should be able to return to it tonight.

So, do many of you actually enjoy working away from home in coffee shops and so on?  Can you please explain to me why?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Knits By Nat Etsy Shop is Three Years Old!

My shop is three years old today.  To celebrate you can enjoy 30% OFF every item in the shop by using the coupon code : THIRTYOFF.

I also have this video for you, hopefully you will enjoy it.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

End of the Year Bowling Party

It's official bowling season is over.  Tuesday, May 1st was the last night we played but today was our end of the year party for the Tuesday night league.  It's a very small league with only 40 players and we have so much fun during the year!  We did sadly have one of our players die during the season.  She was such a lively person and is still dearly missed by us all.

The party was lots of fun with great music and good food.

As usual I came away with an individual prize and this year it was for the best game with my 2 perfect games of 300.  Here's the trophy acknowledging my feat. 

We also have an award given every year to the two top people male and female who play the most 69-169-269 over the season.  Every single time we play such a score anywhere during the game we pay 50 cents.  I have been known to play 69 and 169 in the same game and having to pay $1.00 then.  This year I really expected not to be anywhere near the top but I beat my own teammate.  She played 15 of them and I played 16.  Thankfully there is no "69" trophy for this award but I did win some money!

It's funny how much I enjoy playing bowling and it was after all the place I met my current boyfriend.

Is there a sport or hobby you now like to do which you never would have expected to like?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Simple Way to Store My Felt Flowers

A while back I ordered some non-wool eco friendly felt flowers from this shop on Etsy : ifeltsprightly http://www.etsy.com/shop/ifeltsprightly .  I just love them but still had them in their original plastic bags not knowing what to put them in.

Finally I thought of my button container :

So, I found another one and here's how my collection looks :

Now if I could only find something to put these bigger flowers in.  I haven't found a container yet big enough to fit them in.  The divisions are too small.

What are some neat ways you store your craft supplies?