Monday, September 28, 2009

Orange cables and lace scarf

After Saturday's ramblings I put up this scarf in my Etsy shop and bookmarked it on my Facebook page.

It sold in 8 minutes! I even had 3 three people who liked it as well. One has put in an order for the same colour and I am already more than halfway finished. I should be able to ship it out Thursday the latest.

This scarf originally started with my love of the lace pattern and then finding a cable that would look nice with it in the middle. I'm glad so many people liked it as well, enough even to buy it. The loop edge goes well with it; I didn't want an ordinary fringe. I found it on Lion Brand's website, they have great edges and such in their Learning Center.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday night ramblings

The doggie sweater ended up being a bit too small for Mike's dog but was just perfect for Andrew's. I will be knitting one for Mike since he loves it so much. I actually have quite a few people who want me to knit it for their dog.

One of my coworkers asked me some weeks back to knit a scarf for her friend in the New York Rangers colours. It turned out quite nice.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Skull doggie sweater

I finally finished assembling the skull doggie sweater and it looks great if I must say so. It was my first time knitting with two colours besides making Phentex slippers! It was a lot simpler than I thought and I can't believe I avoided colour knitting all these years.

I took pictures of Lola and Balou wearing it so friends could see it. Lola even tried to bite my hand when I was putting her paw back inside the sweater. I must say Balou's pic is the best.

I have already sold it at work. I was showing it to the receptionist when one of my supervisors saw it and told me he was buying it for his dog. I just hope it fits.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Knitting on my commute

The last three weeks I have been knitting on my commute ever since I read somewhere that knitting 4-5 rows here and there add up after a while. It is so true. One evening I was able to knit 24 rows just waiting for the bus driver to finish smoking his cigarette and the 6-7 stops to get home. It helps make the commute go by faster as well.

I must say I was a bit self-conscious in the beginning but people just smile. One lady struck up a conversation about how long I had been knitting and stuff. Yesterday I met my first knitter sitting across from me; we nodded at each other and smiled.

I love working with circulars even though I am knitting scarves. This way the needles are not getting in people's way and if I drop one it stays with me, not on the floor.