Saturday, September 19, 2009

Knitting on my commute

The last three weeks I have been knitting on my commute ever since I read somewhere that knitting 4-5 rows here and there add up after a while. It is so true. One evening I was able to knit 24 rows just waiting for the bus driver to finish smoking his cigarette and the 6-7 stops to get home. It helps make the commute go by faster as well.

I must say I was a bit self-conscious in the beginning but people just smile. One lady struck up a conversation about how long I had been knitting and stuff. Yesterday I met my first knitter sitting across from me; we nodded at each other and smiled.

I love working with circulars even though I am knitting scarves. This way the needles are not getting in people's way and if I drop one it stays with me, not on the floor.


  1. That is so great!
    I think I will try that, even though I'm at home. Why not knit a few rows here and there? It would give me the opportunity to clear my thoughts between tasks. I tend to only wait when I can sit down for longer periods of time but then, I end up not knitting or doing needlework for days at a time because I'm too busy.
    So thanks for sharing!

    Also, thank you for the link update! <3

  2. It is amazing how knitting a few rows on the métro and in between calls at work really adds up.

  3. i love knitting on the bus/train. i actually think of lost knitting time as the only downside to riding my bike.