Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Fun of Editing Photos for My Shop

I knit a whole lot of stuff the last few weeks. Took a whole bunch of photos of the items and now it's time to edit. I love to use Gimp to do this. Taking great photos of my knit items can sometimes be very hard with certain colours, no matter how much I play with lighting and such. I just love how I can tweak them with Gimp. I also love being able to crop and change the sizing on them.

Photo editing with Gimp.

It's a free software and great to work with. There is a learning curve just like most other photo editing softwares. I have however found this Gimp Bible that I'm hoping will let me in on some really great tips to editing photos even better. The user manual on their website is very useful and also some tutorials are available.

GIMP Bible
What are the photo editing softwares that you like to use?