Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Knitting Pattern Shop is Open!

I have had so many requests for the patterns to my creations, especially the cozies, that I have opened up a knitting pattern shop.  It is called Knits By Nat Designs and right now there's only one pattern in it.  It's the pattern for the Sweet Violets Coffee Cup Cozy.

Sweet Violets Coffee Cup Cozy

Writing patterns is a lot more difficult than I imagined.  I keep wondering if I forgot something or if I'm putting in too much information.  I also intend to have the patterns available in French as well.  Now, I just need to post in my French blog.

This week I have renewed with an oldie but goodie lace creation I knit for my shop a few years back.  It's knit with a Little Arrowhead Lace but I find it makes such a lovely spring scarf.  They should be available in my shop soon.

Little Arrowhead Lace Scarf in the works

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Productive Saturday Morning

Yesterday after work a co-worker was asking me if I at least sleep in on weekends and I replied that I don't really.  I love waking up early, knitting in bed for a few hours and then getting up for breakfast.  I usually get up when I start getting really hungry.

This morning I finished knitting two hats; one of them was on hold while I knit the second.  I often do this when I realize I don't have enough rows to knit while going to work; I'll just start something new to knit.  These are multi-coloured versions of  the Lace Striped Slouchy Hat.

Multi-coloured lace striped slouchy vegan hats

I also started working on a new headband, simple garter stitch that will be adorned with vintage or cute buttons. The first one I knit I found a bit too wide, ended up ripping it and now I love the new width.  With all the buttons I have I'm going to need to go button shopping for the navy headband.  I haven't found any in my stash that I find look great on it.

Vegan headbands

I should be taking pictures of the hats and headbands to add them to my shop as quickly as possible.  This is one part of the business that I find more of a chore.  I wish I had an assistant who loves taking pictures and writing listings while I spend my time knitting.