Monday, August 11, 2014

Early Morning Knitting

I have always loved knitting early in the morning when it's quiet.  I find it just starts a day well, not in the "I've been productive" way.  It's more about doing something relaxing before the workday starts.  Knitting is still a very relaxing pastime for me even though I knit a lot for the shop.

This morning I started knitting the new hat I created last week in taupe heather.  It's what I want to knit on my way to work and I always make sure I'm at the beginning of a project.  You never know when the m├ętro will stop and don't want to run out of knitting project.  It happened once and I'm prepared now!  I also wanted to get past the needle change after the ribbed section so I wouldn't have to carry both needles in my bag.

Taupe heather knit hat

As usual, Balou was right beside me while I knit.  You can see she's on top of the laptop.  Now she's beside the laptop as I write this.  She's been sticking around me so much the last few weeks; it's funny and a pain at times.  When she stretches out and ends up either on top of the laptop or my mouse, a lot of funny things start happening!  Pop-ups!  Windows closing!

Here's what the finished new hat looks like.  This one was knit with burgundy yarn.

Burgundy knit hat side view
Burgundy knit hat back view

I'm thinking I will have to start giving names to the items I knit.  Calling it the "new hat" won't last long until I have another "new hat" in the works.  How do you go about choosing a name?