Friday, December 28, 2012

Record Snowstorm in Montreal

Yesterday, we beat the March 4th, 1971 record of 43,2cm by getting 45cm of snow in one day.  I remember the 1971 storm mostly because of the home movies my mother made at the time.  I was almost 4 and loved playing in the snow.  Actually, my favorite activity then was eating the snow.

The weather was so bad we ended up leaving work at 15:00 and I made it home for 16:15.  Taking the subway helped a lot to make my commute home so short.

This morning on the way to work I brought my camera and took some pictures of the wonderful snow.

This is the entrance to my building which hadn't been cleared out at all.  I made those imprints when I arrived the night before.  For some reason most of the tenants prefer to use the back staircase.  When I got home tonight it had been cleared.

This is the street and what should be a sidewalk.  Normally the bus stop has been cleared a bit but not this morning.

This is the back of my apartment where some people have their cars parked.  It's all nice and clean but there's a slight problem to getting out.

The clean entrance leads to this : a huge snowbank.  It almost reaches my waist in height.  So, you can forget using your car to get to work. 

This was the sidewalk for the entire length of the street I usually walk to get to the subway.  It was nothing but huge snowbanks and a lot of them were created by people trying to get their cars out from under the snow.  I ended up taking the bus instead, a lot safer than walking in the street. 

The last two photos show how the snow really piled up on the balconies on one side of the street but not the other.

On the way to work I saw a few people helping each other out digging up cars and such.  Thankfully there are still some good neighbors around.

Did you witness such acts of helping or where you even someone who helped another?