Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Viva Granola in October's VegNews

Viva Granola are in VegNews.  I had to mention this since I love Brigit at Viva Granola.  She provides me with Cheezly, Soy Curls and countless other vegan goodies.  Their website is easy to browse through and what amazing service.  Quick and not one single mistake in all my orders. 

They offer not only food but cosmetics, products for personal hygiene, animals and other things that can be hard to find in most stores.

I hope the exposure  brings them lots of orders.

Waiting for crumbs

Balou loves to wait for crumbs when I eat toast or bagels.  She will sit by me (of course now that I wanted to take a picture of her she's gone, I will catch her one day) and meow until I give her my plate of crumbs.

This morning she is waiting for bagel crumbs and they are amazing multigrain crumbs.  The bagels come from Mount Royal Bagel and are only a 20 minute walk from work. Their whole wheat varieties are vegan as well as their soups.  I will work on them to make all their bagels vegan.  If they can make the whole wheat ones vegan why not the others?   Last night I ate the all-dressed bagel with vegenaise and slices of tomatoes, simply delicious.

This morning I am eating it with a new spread I found at Rachelle Béry : Yoso spreadables plain.  It is somewhat reminiscent of the creamy Sheese but has a whipped texture. I really liked it. Yoso has another spread called "cream cheese" which I will look for and try.  They also have sour cream and yogurt I would love to try as well.  Hopefully Rachelle-Béry has them or can get them for me.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cloudy weekend

Why is it cloudy this weekend?

All week the weather channel kept showing lots of sun and warm weather.  I know I shouldn't believe the weather channel since it's wrong 95% of the time but I was looking forward to taking wonderful pics of my latest knitted creations to add to my shop.

I also wanted to take out the new bike I bought for a great ride around town but I guess it will be for next weekend, if the weather is nice.  It's a Fuji Absolute 4.0 and I love it! Mine has a baggage rack in the back and a water bottle holder.

I did eventually take some pics of a few of my knitted creations.  I will add them to my shop later this evening.

I also have a few projects to finish, well more than a few to be honest.  Like around 10 of them.  I need to weave in the ends of a few, add fringe to some others and even knit a couple of centimeters for the rest.  They should be available soon in my shop.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Return from vacation in Wildwood

I returned from vacation in Wildwood last Sunday actually.

We had an amazing time enjoying the beach, the boardwalk, the rides, water park and lots of other activities.  As usual we went biking to Cape May, played a bit at the casinos in Atlantic City (I lost 4 dollars) and went on the dolphin-watching cruise.  I love going on the dolphin cruise since we go see them in their habitat; they are not captive in a tank.  We saw a lot of them and they were jumping and splashing with their tails.  We also finished our vacation with some time in New York City walking through Central Park and later Times Square.

The return back to Montreal was unfortunately not as smooth as usual.  We were driving north on I-87 around 3:00 Sunday morning when a black SUV sped by us (he must have been driving 100 mph/180 km), passed the car in front of us by the right lane, got into the U-turn, turned and started driving southbound towards us.  Luckily my boyfriend remained calm and when the SUV was around 30 feet from us he drove on the right shoulder a bit in case the driver wanted to turn towards us.  The SUV passed us staying in the left lane and my boyfriend just took off.  He had no intentions of being around if the SUV decided to turn around and drive after us.  He slowed down maybe an hour later and we never saw the SUV again.  This is the first time ever either of us wished we had a cellphone to call 911.

Talking about the return to people made me realize how lucky we were he didn't swerve towards us or that there weren't other cars around.  It could have ended with an awful accident.