Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Waiting for crumbs

Balou loves to wait for crumbs when I eat toast or bagels.  She will sit by me (of course now that I wanted to take a picture of her she's gone, I will catch her one day) and meow until I give her my plate of crumbs.

This morning she is waiting for bagel crumbs and they are amazing multigrain crumbs.  The bagels come from Mount Royal Bagel and are only a 20 minute walk from work. Their whole wheat varieties are vegan as well as their soups.  I will work on them to make all their bagels vegan.  If they can make the whole wheat ones vegan why not the others?   Last night I ate the all-dressed bagel with vegenaise and slices of tomatoes, simply delicious.

This morning I am eating it with a new spread I found at Rachelle Béry : Yoso spreadables plain.  It is somewhat reminiscent of the creamy Sheese but has a whipped texture. I really liked it. Yoso has another spread called "cream cheese" which I will look for and try.  They also have sour cream and yogurt I would love to try as well.  Hopefully Rachelle-Béry has them or can get them for me.

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