Friday, December 10, 2010

Perfect games at bowling

Last night I had so much fun bowling with my team.  My boyfriend as usual was being his silly self exasperating our captain.  I know he does it on purpose and she's so easy to exasperate.

I am not the one who played a perfect, neither did my boyfriend.  The one who did plays on our team and he actually played two of them.  We play 3 games per night and he did them on the first and third game.  It was just so amazing to see him throw his ball and see it going down the alley so smoothly to make strike after strike.  Out of 36 possible strikes he did 34.

It did help us win all 3 games and may even be enough for us to end up in first position of the bowling league.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Too much knitting

This  morning I woke up with my shoulders and lower back hurting.  The reason : too much knitting.  Friday night I spent the evening knitting, going to bed past midnight.  I just kept telling myself, " A few more rows and then you'll go to bed."  Saturday was spent knitting all day as well.  I have a few custom orders to knit right now and want them to be ready to ship as quickly as possible. I also had quite a few fringed scarves to finish so I could finally add them to my shop.

Last week I had a pair of fingerless mitts with flap to knit and they turned out great.  I really love the cap for the thumb, it's so cute.  I once again used the Knucks pattern and added the flap by following different ideas people used.  I now have to knit a pair in red.