Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scarves shipping today

Three of the four scarves are finished and have been handed over to Canada Post to go to their respective lucky owners. As usual, I forgot to take the picture for one of the scarves but I did manage a pic of the burgundy scarves. The colour is a bit darker in real life but it really is gorgeous. I hope Isa, Richard and Staci will love their scarves.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Busy knitting

I have been so very busy knitting 4 custom order scarves this week. They should be ready to ship in the next couple of days. I also just need to sew the doggie sweater and it will be ready to bring to work. I hope the doggie sweater fits this time with the modifications I made.

Last week I did have time though to go to an amazing yarn store here in Montreal : La Bobineuse de laine (the website is only in French). I am in love with this store. They can create any cone of yarn you desire; you chose the ply, the colours, the textures and the materials. I got these 4 cones already mixed and I am really looking forward to creating my own mixes.
I had to get out of the store quickly or else I would have bought a lot more cones.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The first cable and lace scarf that started it all.

This is the first cable and lace scarf that started my desire to find even more fun cables and lace patterns to create wonderful scarves. I love knitting cables and ever since I found a way to knit without a cable needle it is even better. Thanks Amy from It makes knitting on my commute so much easier. I wouldn't see myself with a cable needle trying to knit cables with commuters bumping into me and all. The cable needle would be on the floor more than in my hands.

I even had a custom order from Elise ( The Dark Faerie ) and now that she received it I can show the final result. I even added a nice fringe to it.