Sunday, October 11, 2009

Busy knitting

I have been so very busy knitting 4 custom order scarves this week. They should be ready to ship in the next couple of days. I also just need to sew the doggie sweater and it will be ready to bring to work. I hope the doggie sweater fits this time with the modifications I made.

Last week I did have time though to go to an amazing yarn store here in Montreal : La Bobineuse de laine (the website is only in French). I am in love with this store. They can create any cone of yarn you desire; you chose the ply, the colours, the textures and the materials. I got these 4 cones already mixed and I am really looking forward to creating my own mixes.
I had to get out of the store quickly or else I would have bought a lot more cones.

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