Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Colours for the Lace Scarf

I have been knitting new colours for the lace scarf.  Below is the tangerine colour, so lovely and silky looking which you can't quite see in the photo.

Tangerine lace scarf in progress

I have already added in my Etsy shop the lace scarf in red and off-white.  The red is a really beautiful shade of dark red, no hint of Santa Claus red at all!

Red Lace Scarf

Off-White Lace Scarf

I have more yarn in my stash to knit a few more lace scarves and I am looking forward to knitting these colours, especially the emerald green!  It is such a beautiful green.  The lace stitch is such a simple one ( it's only 4 rows ) I can easily knit it on the m├ętro going to work.

Emerald green, rose and celery green yarn.