Saturday, April 18, 2015

Taking Control of my Weekends

I hate when it's Monday morning and wonder where the weekend went. All the different errands and things I should have done but didn't. The lazing around when I actually had important things to do : take photos of finished works, finish the last few rows on a project, etc. 

Weekends are meant to be leisurely but I need to get work done for the Knits By Nat shop and the Knits By Nat Designs shop. Patterns are not going to magically write themselves.  Photos of my knit items are not going to be taken by themselves. And if I really mean it when I say I want Knits By Nat to be my main source of income then weekends have to be controlled better.

Actually it's more than "a" project right now that just needs a few rows to be part of the finished pile. I have quite a few projects started at work and needing to be finished like a few Beverly hats, some Stacey hats as well. I have quite a few scarves to finish so they can become Ready to Ship instead of Made to Order in my Etsy shop.

I was up and about early this morning, starting yet another Beverly Hat.  This time I am knitting it in a light grey yarn.  It should be finished later today while I watch some baseball on 

Soft Grey Beverly Hat

Tomorrow should be the day I take photos of my finished items and add them to the shop.

Do you sometimes feel that weekends just pass you by?  That Mondays get here too quickly?