Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cloudy weekend

Why is it cloudy this weekend?

All week the weather channel kept showing lots of sun and warm weather.  I know I shouldn't believe the weather channel since it's wrong 95% of the time but I was looking forward to taking wonderful pics of my latest knitted creations to add to my shop.

I also wanted to take out the new bike I bought for a great ride around town but I guess it will be for next weekend, if the weather is nice.  It's a Fuji Absolute 4.0 and I love it! Mine has a baggage rack in the back and a water bottle holder.

I did eventually take some pics of a few of my knitted creations.  I will add them to my shop later this evening.

I also have a few projects to finish, well more than a few to be honest.  Like around 10 of them.  I need to weave in the ends of a few, add fringe to some others and even knit a couple of centimeters for the rest.  They should be available soon in my shop.

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