Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The book that created my obsession


This is the book that created my obsession for knitting.  It belongs to my mother but she has not seen it in the last 20 years and knows she won't ever see it again. :) I would spend hours knitting the various stitch patterns from it.  When I first started knitting the Internet did not exist and this became my bible for instructions.  I like the fact that pictures show how to knit the various techniques and not drawings.  It is written in French and at the back is a glossary of terms in French, English, German, Spanish and Swedish. The glossary came in very handy when I first started knitting with patterns since most of those I found where English only.

Even though I now have over 25 books this is one book I always return to on a regular basis.  I love the simple layout and easy instructions.  

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  1. I have a couple of old books like this one, but, thankfully, they're written in English or I'd be stuck! I love using a basic pattern for a jersey, for example, but using the stitches in the books. Saves a fortune on fancy patterns, too!