Saturday, May 22, 2010

Feeding my obsession for stitch patterns

Yesterday I walked into the Chapters downtown with my nephew who was looking for books to read on his long flight to Crete.  I had to go wandering into the crafts section and I found this wonderful little book of stitch patterns.  The first 100 pages are about the basics of knitting which would be useful for beginners.  She then classifies the various stitch patterns by Easy, Medium and Difficult within each category (knit and purl, rib, cables,  lace and bobbles,  lace edgings and twisted)   All stitch patterns are charted only which I prefer.

Look forward to seeing some wonderful new creations in my shop; ideas are already buzzing around in my head.


  1. This looks like the kind of book I like! I tend to stick with standard patterns but use different stitches in them.
    At the moment, though, I'm looking for a pattern with a 'shawl' or 'Irish' collar, for my father's birthday. I have double knitting yarn (8 ply? Or 10 ply?) and just can't find a pattern anywhere... Oh, well, it may just have to be a standard crew neck...

  2. Penny are you looking for something like this :