Thursday, October 21, 2010

Custom order bragging day

Yes, I am going to brag about the custom orders I have knit lately especially this wonderful set that has gone to Scotland.  I started with a pattern I found for the hat but ended up knitting it in the round instead of flat with a seam in the back and added an extra cable section.  For the fingerless gloves I used the Knucks pattern as a start and added the cable pattern from the hat, I also made them longer.  The scarf was simple stockinette stitch with the cable pattern in the middle.  The set turned out just gorgeous and although I don't usually wear hats I could see myself wearing this one easily.

Another custom order was for my shell pattern with ruffles scarf in lavender.  The colour is just beautiful.  This scarf is now in New York City enjoying the Big Apple lifestyle.

And last but not least is this wonderful dark charcoal slouchy hat that now calls Trois Rivières its home.


  1. These are so beautiful! What yarn did you use? You're just so talented! It must feel funny knowing that your creations are being loved and admired in other countries! So far, I've only knitted for the family, so I know just where my creations are... (If it's the 'kids' I've knitted for, probably on their bedroom floors!)