Friday, November 4, 2011

Some Good Men Are Out There

The first man I want to talk to you about is my boyfriend.  Although he isn't vegan he has changed his cooking methods so I can eat supper without having to start from scratch when I get there. It would mean eating around 19:30 since I finish late.  So, I love getting to his place after work and having supper ready hot on the table.  He was a heavy user of margarine and now uses olive oil instead.  If I happen to mention some food is vegan, the next thing I know he's bought some when he went grocery shopping. 

This week we've had to make due with prepared food since he recently hurt his middle finger making it hard for him to write and horror of all horrors chop vegetables! 

Here is where the other good man comes into the picture. He's the owner of the neighborhood Asian market and my boyfriend went shopping for some vegetables the other night.  He was talking with him about his predicament and the owner actually chopped his vegetables for him. He chopped the bell peppers, the mushrooms, the carrots and the onion so we could eat a nice home cooked meal.  I was pleasantly surprised and will be sure to thank him the next time I see him.

Supper was delicious that night, a Chinese noodle dish with lots of vegetables and soy sauce; just the way I love it.

Have you ever benefited from someone's kindness or have you been the giver of such kindness? 

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