Saturday, March 24, 2012

Another Computer Crash and New Cowl

Yes, I have had my computer crash yet again.  This time I decided I needed a new one and bought one last Friday.  I love the new computer but still hope to be able to fix the old one.  I miss my big monitor and sadly I had not backed up my photos from 2011.  The rest were all copied on USB drives.  So, sadly all the new coffee cup cozies and the new cowl photos are not available; I had erased them from the camera memory card as well.

So, here is the new cowl pattern. The pictures I wanted to show you of it in progress are not available but here are the photos of the finished cowl.

The first one is knit with 100% acrylic yarn from La Bobineuse in colours of royal blue, green, grey, brown and taupe.

This second cowl is knit with 100% acrylic yarn in a blue-green colour.

The last one is knit with a mushroom coloured 100% acrylic yarn.  The stitch pattern used to knit these cowls is very lovely I find.  I like the fact it looks the same on both sides.

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