Friday, July 31, 2015

Heat Wave Over Montreal

We are having a heat wave this week and the poor cats are just spread out wherever they can find a bit of a breeze.  Oddly enough they don't care much for the breeze coming from my fans!

Every summer when the heat picks up I keep thinking I should buy myself an air conditioner but then I never do. When I moved in over 20 years ago, there was an air conditioner in my living room. Sadly, whenever I turned it on it would blow a fuse. So, I asked my landlord to take it out but he couldn't since they threw away the window contour when they installed the air conditioner. I was stuck with it until the windows were finally changed 4 years ago.

I'm probably still not going to get one this year. Hey, maybe next year!

In spite of the heat wave I have spent most of my time knitting.  I am working on a new infinity scarf and thankfully I let it rest on my kitchen table while I knit. This way I don't have it heating up my body.

I have already finished one in mustard yellow and this is the cranberry red! I find it turned out really nice and so does my Mom! I tried it on and showed her on Skype. But then again don't mother's like everything we do?

Red knit infinity scarf

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