Sunday, March 27, 2016

Looking Forward to Opening Day in Baseball

Here I am watching Spring Training baseball, while knitting and drinking tea. I am so looking forward to the regular season. A great way to spend the afternoon. Right now it's a nice hot cup of tea but when the weather gets warmer it will be iced tea.

I am knitting a new neckwarmer with the stitch I used for the Beverly hat. I got the idea for a simple slim neckwarmer watching a lady at the bus stop one morning. She was wearing a simple stockinette neckwarmer and thought I could do that.

I caught Balou sleeping enjoying some sun. Love how hers paws are crossed.

This is her annoyed look since the sound of the camera woke her up.
How do you like to spend a lazy afternoon? Do you even have one or is it spent catching up on laundry, cleaning and such househols chores?

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