Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Knitting projects I have on needles

Someone at work told me that it is natural for a knitter to have many different projects on needles at the same time. Well, natural or not I have quite a couple right now!

I just finished knitting this scarf with novelty yarn and a cotton yarn. I really like the way it looks with denim. It was a quick and easy knit in garter stitch although the novelty yarn would tangle up at times.

I'm also working on this scarflette in aqua, gold and burgundy tones. I just have a few rows to knit and it will be finished. I need to go hunting for the perfect buttons to add on, will probably do that over the weekend. I'm thinking of going to Rix Rax, a store that has all kinds of wonderful buttons, ribbons, lace trimmings and more.

Another project I have is a jacket with added cables to the original plain jersey pattern. The yarn I bought for this is in one huge kilo ball. I know I will never see Lola run away with that ball!

I have a capelet on needles as well. I was testing a certain stitch to knit a scarf but found it would be great yarn to knit a capelet with instead. It is a nice simple lace stitch which I love the way it looks puffed up. I will need to find a gorgeous ribbon to tie the capelet.

Poncho ramblings

While I worked on the yellow poncho I also had a blue one and a pink one on needles. It's funny but I started the blue one a few months before the yellow one but it's still not finished. I need to assemble the hood and attach to the poncho. The pink one I have been knitting while watching television at my boyfriend's house. It is about halfway done as you can see in this pic. Also, I knit a different cable pattern with this one as I like to give myself a challenge when knitting.


  1. wow, you're busy!
    The cable work on the blue jacket is amazing!

    I don't know Rix Rax but it sounds wonderful :)

  2. Thanks, I love knitting cables anf had to add some to it.

    Rix Rax is amazing.