Monday, June 8, 2009

Tour de L'ile

Yesterday was the 25th edition of the Tour de L'ile. It is a biking event where the streets are closed off to car circulation for 50 km. Here we see the departure which was held at Jeanne Mance park.

The sun was out with a few clouds as we see in the picture above. It did get totally covered over the course but luckily we did not get any rain. I ended up getting a flat and waited a bit for mechanics to show up; they were very busy this year contrary to the first aid personnel. I had two holes in my inner tube so they patched those up and I was on my way; only to flat out again. We hailed down other mechanics and 6 of them stopped to help me. The inner tube had to be changed since the valve was broken. It took a 7th guy to stop by to have the right size inner tube. We did have lots of great laughs while they changed my tube.

The Cirque du Soleil is also celebrating their 25th anniversary and participated in their own unique ways.

We saw parts of Montreal we don't usually bike to and all in all it was a great afternoon with lots of laughs with the other riders. The news mention we were around 35 000 participants.

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