Sunday, June 20, 2010

White chocolate from Sweet William

I love white chocolate but have always found it to be much too sweet.  Some weeks ago I ordered the Sweet William brand from Viva Granola.

It is amazing, really not sweet and "smooth" as they write on the package.  They are an Australian company that make various chocolate products; blocks, candy bars, baking chocolate etc.  They even have a No Nut-"nut" bar, the roasted soy beans make it nutty.

Sadly, Viva Granola does not have any right now and going to Australia to get some more is not in the budget right now.


  1. I was glad to read your review... I wanted to order it because I haven't had white chocolate in ages and I used to love it. I was just hesitant because of the price. But now, I just hope Viva Granola will soon carry it again.

  2. I was dropping by and saw this post =)
    Isn't it good? Glad you liked it.

    Just so I'm clear, you were saying that we didn't have the No Nut-"nut" bar? Because if you're interested in this product, I'll make a note of it and try ordering it once we sell out of the White Chocolate Bars and need to order more. ;-)

    Thanks for your friendship, as always <3

  3. Did you just receive a new arrival of the white chocolate?

    I would love to try the No Nut-"nut" bar and the original chocolate no added sugar chips. They must be a great addition to cookies without making them more sweet which is what I find happens a lot.

  4. I totally agree and because of that, I never put the amount of choco chips a recipe calls for.
    So I'm taking note of this.

    I noticed recently that the White Bars were not showing online. We still have some from our first order so we corrected that. It's not an item that moves very fast; we know the price is a factor but that's unfortunately due to the shipping cost of having them sent from Australia (no Canadian distributors).

    Thanks again!