Sunday, September 5, 2010

When yarn changes the outcome

When I knit one of the scarves with fringe I often know ahead of time which fringe I will use to go with the solid-coloured yarn.  Well, today it didn't work out that way at all for 2 of the fringed scarves.

The fringe I wanted to add to the blue denim scarf wasn't working at all;  even the 3 options I thought would be beautiful with it didn't work.  So, I dug into my stash of novelty yarn and came out with one that was absolutely perfect; one hundred times better than the options I initially wanted.  This is how the scarf turned out.  The medium violet red and plum tones make an amazing contrast to the blue denim.  Isn't it just gorgeous?

The second scarf hasn't fared as well though.   I don't have a single fuzzy, textured or sparkly yarn that will go with it.  It is an olive colour and absolutely none of my novelty yarns look good with it.  I guess I will have to go out shopping in yarn stores ( like that's a big sacrifice on my part ) to find a novelty yarn that will be amazing with it.

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  1. Very nice! I wish I was a hardcore knitter, but I can barely muster the gumption to finish a scarf. Hopefully that will change but I've got so many different projects on my wish list!