Monday, January 10, 2011

Fruity Coconut Jelly

Fruity Coconut Jelly are amazing, delicious jelly desserts.  They are made with coconut gel and seaweed instead of gelatin which makes them vegan.

I love these with a passion and I have now found them in my neighborhood at the Asian market.  I first ate these last summer when a friend found these shopping in Chinatown.  They come in various fruit flavours; these are green apple, pineapple, strawberry and grape. I must buy the mango ones next time I go shopping.

Yes, half of the container is already gone after just one day!  I eat them straight out of the little cup being careful not to spill some of the juice in them.  There's also a little piece of fruit in them which I have yet to identify. I even have the omni boyfriend liking them. 


  1. Those are so yummy, I grew up eating those!

  2. You can find some in Chinatown but I also found some at the Asian market near my house. They are really good.

  3. The piece of 'fruit' is nata de coco.


  4. These things are amazing....they carry them at Walmart now too.