Saturday, April 23, 2011

First bike ride of the year

Yesterday I had the day off for Good Friday and decided to go biking with my boyfriend.  We ended up going to see the progress on the new bridge connecting to Laval and I can't believe they are almost finished.  This bridge has been talked about since the late 50s, early 60s and is now going to finally exist.

The biking went well for me, the boyfriend however ended up with a flat tire.  It's the 3rd one he gets and hopefully the little piece of metal the guy found in his tire and took out is enough to not have flats happen again.  I know flats can happen for all sorts of reasons but 3 flats in 3 outings is a bit much. 

The new bike I have is just so amazingly light and it really makes a difference when I go up hills.  Well, they aren't big hills but with my other heavy bike I always ended up having to stop in the middle and walk up to the top.  This time we had three hills and I was able to bike all three to the top!  I am quite proud of myself especially since my physical condition this year is just so-so compared to other years.  I have let myself go a bit too much this winter and don't like it one bit.  Hopefully using the BIXI to get back home evenings will help.

It was a gorgeous sunny day and we stopped in a park just to  bask in the sun.  We also wanted to rest our legs from pedaling against the wind.  Why does the wind have to pick up when we are on the way back home? It's when we're tired and can't wait to get back home. The sun was strong enough to slightly burn my nose and tan the top of my hands.

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