Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just a Few Vacation Days Left

I have been on vacation close to 2 weeks, getting 2 extra days off for the St Jean Baptist and Canada Day. I must truthfully say I am enjoying the time away from work.

Last week I spent my time at my parents' in Magog.  My mother picked me up Saturday so I could bring the cats with me.  Lola hates it when I grab her to put her in the carrier but lately she calms down after I put her in.

As usual I had some knitting with me for the 1 1/2 hour car ride and as soon as I took it out my mother tells me to relax.  She doesn't get it that knitting for me is relaxing. Yes, I may knit a lot for Knits By Nat but the actual time doing the knitting is very relaxing.  I ended up knitting 5 hats during the week.  You can see them below; some still have ends to be woven in.

Knit Slouchy Hats.

I had an amazing time celebrating St Jean Baptist at my niece's new house.  I brought my vegan hot dogs, decided to try Unisoya's hot dogs but wasn't so thrilled with them.  I found them slightly too mushy.

I did some shopping with my sister, walking the entire mall from one end to the other and back.  Thank goodness we weren't at Carrefour Laval.  Now that's one crazy mall to walk!

I even went shopping at Costco with my nephew.  Didn't think I would find anything but came back with Gardein burgers, Unisoya tofu (my favorite), hummus, Kalamata olives (I think I'll have enough for a while) and Kikkoman soy sauce.

My Costco stash.

I also found these cute shoes at Addition-Elle, shopping for my mother but found something for moi!  I was thrilled to see they were all man-made materials.  They were on sale and had an extra 50% off.  Aren't they just cute?

Beige sandals.

I still have a couple of days left but they will be spent working on my Knits By Nat shop.  There's the Christmas in July event happening and I want to participate this year.  The other years I have been on vacation during the event with usually no Internet access.  Really looking forward to it this year!


  1. The hats are lovely! Sounds like a nice and rejuvenating vacation.

    1. Thanks! It was very rejuvenating. Sometimes we end up doing too much when on vacation.