Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day, or should I say moving day!

Yesterday was Canada Day.

You know what it means here in Québec?  It's moving day.  Most leases finish June 30th and I don't know why but Montrealers have a passion for moving.

I spent most of my bike ride home last night biking around trucks that were blocking the bike lanes.

So for for the next couple of weeks lots of junk will find it's way on the street curbs waiting to be picked up by the garbage truck; things like mattresses, couches and lots of computers.  I even saw one guy taking the computers apart to get the parts that may still be good and useful.

It also means new people in the neighborhood; new dogs to see being walked by their parents.  This morning I saw the most adorable little pug enjoying his walk.  I wonder if I'll see him often.

Unfortunately it will also mean lots of abandoned animals because the new place they are moving into doesn't accept animals.  I hope there won't be that many this year but I'm not optimistic.

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  1. That is so terrible. Once, my neighbor moved out and just left his cat there, and the poor cat was meowing at his door. Fortunately, a neighbor took care of him. I just can't understand how people can be so irresponsible.