Saturday, July 10, 2010

Inspiration for the garter stitch lace scarves

The inspiration for the garter stitch lace scarves was from Baktus which I saw once on Ravelry and can be found here on Flickr :

I liked the idea of creating a scarf that started slim, went wider in the middle on one side and back to slim.  Although her's looks really more like a shawl with a deeper V in the back. I found the lace edgings browsing through the Harmony Guide book :

I will really enjoy knitting more of these scarves since I love the look of them.  The yarn I used comes from La Bobineuse de Laine and I am knitting another one in orange tones as well.  They should all be up soon in my shop.


  1. these are beautiful! I especially like the gray one in the corner. I might have to get one from you before winter falls! Thanks for stopping by. Its always nice to find other vegans in Montreal, as I'm still new around here!

  2. If ever you do want to buy one send me a convo on Etsy so we can meet and not have to pay crazy shipping charges from Canada Post. :)