Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lunching with Gardein Beefless Burgers

Today's lunch was a sort of hamburger steak plate that I made using Gardein's beefless burgers.  I added mashed potatoes with some yellow and green beans on the side.  Mashed potatoes and Gardein burgers were topped with brown gravy.

Gardein beefless burgers with gravy
It's the second time I eat these beefless burgers and I liked them better today.  The first time I brought them to work so I ended up spreading some Maple Chipotle marinade on them and microwaing them.  They were okay but something was missing.

This time I sauted them in a pan and added some Montreal Steak spices by Club House.  That's what made them so much greater.  When I used to eat steak I would spice them up with a lot of Montreal Steak spices, I just loved the stuff!

This morning I spent some time knitting a few stitch patterns and I have found one that will be just perfect to knit an infinity scarf.  I just wasn't sure if I should go with the 2 knit stitch edge or a 1 knit stitch edge.  I think I prefer the 1 knit stitch edge.

Infinity scarf stitch pattern

You should be seeing the finished infinity scarf in my shop by next weekend.  I usually knit a lot during the week and do my photo sessions early Saturday and Sunday mornings when the lighting is just right in my living room.  Thank goodness my mannequin is always here and ready!

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  1. Your knitting is amazing - you're very talented. I'm glad you've found a way to enjoy the Gardein burgers too. I tried one variety (I can't recall which now) when we were in the US last year and really liked it!